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Host a fundraiser for your school, church, synagogue or other non-profit organization together with CeramiCafe Art Lounge! It's a fun and creative way to raise money, beautify grounds (walls, planters, benches etc,) and create a sense of teamwork and togetherness in doing so.  We will donate a percentage of the proceeds back to your organization.


We specialize in assisting with auction projects. We can proudly say we are the best in the industry! Choose the item(s); popcorn bowl, giant flowerpot, canister set, large mosaic mirror, serving tray, etc. Have the kids paint, put handprints, poems or whatever onto the items, then auction them off at the next event for LOTS of $$$!


Beautify a wall, courtyard, park benches, tables, tree planters, library, etc. with tiles you purchase from CeramiCafe and sell to the families at a set price. The group can come to our studio(s) to paint them, or we can pack it to go wherever you would like. Local schools have raised over $100,000 combined with this fundraiser!

See more auction item ideas on our Facebook page!

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