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Clay Imprints

We invite you to come to CeramiCafe Art Lounge to bring in your itty-bitty baby (we've done a 4 day-old baby's footprints in clay!) Bring in the kids, and yes, even the family dog or cat is welcome to come in and make a lasting impression in clay that you (and the grandparents) will treasure forever. It's easy! We will assist you in making the "stamp" or impression in the clay, you leave it with us for approximately one week. This allows the clay to dry and for us to fire it. Then you come back to paint it and leave it for one more firing. The entire process takes approximately 2 weeks. Our clay imprints range in price from $25-$45 and a "mini" for $15. This price includes everything. So don't let those hands and feet get too big! Come in today to capture them forever. Appointments are required.

Ask us about our next  clay day, an all day event with no appointment necessary.

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