Are you looking for the perfect place for your next party or event?
CeramiCafe Art Lounge is a fun, relaxing, and unique way to get a group together.
We specialize in event planning for all occasions.
Due to COVID-19 and local ordinances, we are unable to host groups larger than 10. For groups of 5-10 we do recommend making a reservation.
We are also offering Pottery To-Go if you'd prefer to paint at home with your group - Click HERE to check out our options or stop on in to the studio to shop and we will pack up your items!

Have the bride pick out what she needs in her house/kitchen. Then have her choose 6 colors and a theme (floral, geometric etc.) All her pieces will match, but be individual works of art as well!





This is our most popular package for the kids (we've even done a few for adults!). The price is just $50 plus $18 per person (6 person minimum) and includes the following: balloons, items chosen, 1.5 hours of fun in a private room, clean-up and a staff person to assist you! Call to reserve today--space is limited!

(for an additional $10 you rent the room for 2 hours)

Table reservations for
parties of 10 available, 
please stop by the studio
or contact Brittiany via email.

For large parties of 
20 people or more, 
please stop by the studio
or contact Krista via email.