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How It Works

Just walk in and choose a project mosaics, clay imprints or unfinished pottery. (We have mugs, flower pots, dinnerware, candleholders, vases, picture frames, teapots, etc.)


We provide everything you need to complete your project (paint, brushes, stencils, mosaic pieces, clay tools, stamps, idea books, friendly, helpful staff, etc.)


You create your masterpiece, there is no experience necessary!


Take your mosaic projects home today, and leaver your ceramics and clay prints to be fired by us. You can pick up ceramics in 5 days, the clay impressions take 2 visits and approximately 2 weeks to complete.


No finished yet? No problem! WIPS (works in progress) are welcome within two weeks of purchase otherwise WIPS fees may apply.  

Keep it, or give it as a unique gift! We also sell gift certificates.

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